How to Fix Blurry, Faded or smudges Printing on HP Officejet Pro Printer

If the print result of your HP Officejet Pro printer start blurry, smudges or faded you can try the steps below:

  1. Do head cleaning from printer software or direct from your printer
  2. Realign the print head using printer software or direct from your printer
  3. Printing at least 20 pages document that printing all color of the printer
  4. Replace ink cartridges, use Genuine ink cartridges
  5. Cleaning the print head manually
    Manually cleaning printhead on HP officejet Pro printer
    • Prepare a container, stack paper towel in the bottom of the disposable container until it is 7 mm or one quarter of an inch deep
    • Heat the filtered water until it is warm, but not boiling. Do not use tap water, alcohol, or other solvent because these might damage your printhead
    • When the water is warm, pour it into the container until 5 cm or 2 inch deep
    • Remove the ink cartridges from the printhead

    • Open the cartridge access door. The carriage will moves to the left side of the printer. Wait until the carriage is stop moving
    • Layout paper towel to set the ink cartridge on
    • Remove each cartridge
    • Then place each cartridge upside down on the paper towel

      don’t leave ink cartridges outside the printer for more than 30 minutes, because exposure the cartridges to the air can damage the cartridges.
    • Remove the printhead, after all ink cartridges has been removed, follow these step to remove the printhead from printer
    • Lift the printhead latch then lift the printhead directly upward form its slot.
    • Dampen a clean, lint-free cloth with filtered water and gently wipe away any excess ink on the printhead.
    • Clean the bottom of printhead, be careful not to press into nozzle area or force water into printhead since these can cause damage. Continue to wipe the nozzle area until no ink transfers onto the cloth
    • Clean the printhead, these steps to soak the printhead
    • Place the printhead into the disposable container, so that the bottom of the printhead rests on the paper towels.
    • Soak the printhead for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes, remove the printhead from disposable container, and set it on the paper towel with the nozzle facing up
    • Wait at least 15 minutes for the printhead to dry, do not use compressed air or hair dryer to dry off the printhead these method can cause clogging and damage
    • After the printhead dry, reinstall the printhead and ink cartridges to the printer carriage.
    • After reinstalling the printhead and all the ink cartridges, close the cartridges access door
    • Clean the printhead using the cleaning tool from the printer
    • Try a printing test
  1. If the print result still blurry, faded or smudges, you should Replace the printhead with a new unit

That is How to fix blurry, faded or smudges printing on HP Officejet Pro Pinter, do with your own risk. Good luck with your printer

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